SHEEPLE Photo Contest 2022 – Win $$$!


I’d like to announce an exciting SHEEPLE Photo Contest for the 2022 holidays!

I need more photos showing how much fun SHEEPLE is.  That’s where ewe come in!

Step 1.  Take photos of your friends and family playing SHEEPLE.
Step 2.  Win money! (Over $350 in prizes!)

There’s 3 categories:
Category 1 – Friends and Family Playing (or Posing like they’re playing).
   Prizes: $100 gift card (1st place), + two runners-up receive: SHEEPLE game + expansion deck.
Category 2 – Product Photos of SHEEPLE.
   Prizes: $50 gift card (1st place), + one runner-up receives: SHEEPLE game + expansion deck.
Category 3 – Misc. (e.g. people getting SHEEPLE as a gift, SHEEPLE in a stocking, SHEEPLE under the tree, a hand holding cards, a hand writing down answers, a hand holding the box, a product photo with the game in the background, etc.)
   Prizes: $50 gift card (1st place), + one runner-up receives: 1 SHEEPLE game + expansion deck.

I need hi-quality photos.  Use your best camera!  Be creative!

Here are examples of the kinds of photos I’m looking for:

* Up to 3 photos allowed per category.
* Photos can be up to 20MB each.
* Photos should be both:

  1. Emailed to sheeple.game@gmail.com
  2. Shared to social media (Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter) with the hashtag #sheeplephotocontest and a caption that is either:
    • a reference to playing Sheeple:
      e.g. “Playing SHEEPLE with the family during the holidays!”, or
    • a customer referral / review / why you like SHEEPLE:
      e.g. “If you’re looking for a great family board game this Christmas, may I recommend Sheeple. It’s by far one of the funnest games I’ve played in years.”

* A Smith Games may use social media votes to narrow down photos to top 3 in each category.
* A panel of 3 judges will award the winners in each category.
* Submitted photos can be used for Amazon product listings, marketing, social media, product images, or any other purpose by A Smith Games.
* Submissions should be posted as soon as possible.
* Final submission deadline: 1/22/23.
* Finalists will be picked by 1/29/23.
* Winners will be announced by 1/5/23.

* Use your best camera or smart phone!
* Everyone should look like they’re having a really good time! Try some pointing and/or laughing poses. Holding the SHEEPLE characters can be good.
* Make sure people hold still, and hold the camera steady, so the image isn’t blurry.
* Be creative!
* Use diffuse lighting or multiple light sources so everything is well-lit.
* Product photos – wither use white background (white poster board works) or an interesting, Christmas-y, or trippy background.
* Use a background color palette that matches the color palette of the game.
* Pulled focus can look cool.
* Photos tend to look better when clutter is removed.

* Consider the use of props like colored pencils or markers, candles, Christmas trees, wreaths, or Christmas lights to make the shot interesting.

* Photos should ideally be 1:1 aspect ratio.

Have fun! I can’t wait to see what ewe guys come up with!

Merry Christmas ,
Aaron Smith
Head Sheeple @ A Smith Games

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