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How To Play

How To Play

The game that makes you THINK LIKE A SHEEPLE!

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Hilarious art from the world of SHEEPLE!

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See what the reviewers have to say!

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SHEEPLE – the hilarious, fun, party game that makes you “Think Like a Sheep” – wool-some fun for the whole family!

SHEEPLE: The Best Game in the Ewe-niverse

Level up your next party or game night with a smash hit, GRAB SHEEPLE NOW!

SHEEPLE is a family party game for 4 – 10 players.  It’s great for all ages.

30 minutes, 4-10 players, ages 8 and up

Each player is a sheep who is trying to become a “Sheeple” – a sheep that walks upright, wears human clothing, goes to school, and is working toward a career.

Start as a sheep. Try to become a Sheeple.

What are EWE waiting for? GET SHEEPLE NOW!

SHEEPLE is like the opposite of Scattergories, and it’s like the Game of Life but with sheep.  Take a look…

How to Play SHEEPLE
How to Play SHEEPLE

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SHEEPLE – How to Play


Here’s a one-minute intro to SHEEPLE, performed as a rap song!

SHEEPLE Rap Official Music Video 


SHEEPLE Base Game – Components
SHEEPLE ExpansionsAngel or Devil Decks

Ewe can order either: A) The Original SHEEPLE Game ($25) – great fun for all ages!, or B) Its evil cousin, the Devil (NSFW) Expansion Deck ($6.66). Great for lovers of Cards Against Humanity. Better put the kids away for this one! Playable stand-alone, or with the Original SHEEPLE Game!, or C) Its saintly cousin, the Angel (Christian) Expansion Deck. Great for youth group fun! Contact us directly for this one.


What well-known game rev-ewe-ers are saying about SHEEPLE…

Unfiltered Gamer – “I never give this out usually, but it’s like a 10 out of 10, and it’s easily a game I could play over and over and over again.  As far as party games go, as far as family games go, this is a definite pick-up.” 

Board Gamers Anonymous – “If you want some slick sheep puns and a new spin on a party game classic, check out SHEEPLE on Kickstarter now.”

SAHM Reviews – “SHEEPLE pairs a board game with a word game to create one family-friendly, punny game!”

If I were ewe, I would Pick Up Sheeple NOW before the flock goes out of stock!


SHEEPLE Box – Front
SHEEPLE Box – Back
SHEEPLE Characters – Front
SHEEPLE Characters – Back
SHEEPLE Event Cards (46 total)
SHEEPLE Category Cards (348 Categories)

See GALLERY for more sheeple art!

If ewe made it this far, ewe should Make Sheeple Yours!


Because SHEEPLE forces rapid brainstorming, it exercises the creative part of the brain in children and adults.  (I used to take improv classes, and I freestyle rap; rapid brainstorming is a huge component of creative thinking.)

Playing SHEEPLE make you creative
Unlock your creative genius by Getting Sheeple NOW!


Hey I’m Aaron Smith, the creator of SHEEPLE.  I’ve been designing games my entire life.  Growing up, I was an only child who loved math, and inventing games was a great escape.  This is my second published game, after Old World New World. I’ve worked on video games for 10 years, writing cutting-edge graphics code for titles such as Godzilla: Save the Earth, Prince of Persia: Warrior Within, Kung Fu Panda, Transformers, Jimmy Johnson Extreme Racing, The Evil Within, and X-Com. I also worked for Google. My other hobbies include travel, rapping, playing volleyball, biking, swimming, ballroom dancing, reading, and playing keyboard.  

While working on a Jimmy Johnson video game, I met Justin Adri, a very talented concept and character artist.  I had a hunch he would know how to transform the SHEEPLE world into a reality, but watching him create the art was just incredible.  With an extensive career making both toys and video games, it’s no surprise he had a knack.  He’s designed plush toys, figurines, wooden 3D puzzles, and board game layouts in the toy world.  In video games, he’s done concept art and design for characters, vehicles, environments, props, and cinematics.  Here’s some early SHEEPLE concept art, look how far it’s come:

SHEEPLE – Early character art concept
They almost looked like horses :0
They almost looked like horses :0
SHEEPLE – Early board art layout sketch

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