Medusa – Free Playground / Backyard Game

Medusa is a fun, outdoor game I invented. It’s a playground / backyard game for 4 or more players.

It’s is the reverse of Tag, but with a twist. It also has elements of Hide and Seek and Dodgeball.

In this game, the player who is “it” is called “Medusa”. All the other players work together to try and tag Medusa. However, Medusa can freeze up to one player at a time by calling out their name.

This is a fun game to play during birthday parties, during school at recess, with your family during holidays and weekends.

Multiple players playing a good old fashion game o’ Medusa. One of the players is currently turned to stone. Note that this picture is completely inaccurate, as the players should be CHASING Medusa, not the other way around. (If you didn’t see the wolf, you’re already dead.)

How to Play

Choose an outdoor area to play, and define what the boundaries are. It shouldn’t be too large or too small. Ideally, there should multiple hiding spots.

Make sure everyone knows everyone else’s names. Go around in a circle and introduce each other, so everyone knows everyone’s name.

Choose a ball that could thrown at a person without hurting too bad.

Randomly select a player to be “Medusa” the first round.

All other player hide, one of them holding the ball.

Medusa covers her eyes and ears, counts down “10 Medusa, 9 Medusa” etc. and meanwhile the other players hide. After calling out “1 Medusa”, she opens her eyes.

At this point, the other players may: remain hidden, or run out and attempt to tag Medusa, or throw the ball at Medusa, or any of the above.

Medusa tries to evade the other players and not get tagged or pelted by the ball.

Medusa can also call a player’s name to freeze them (turning them to stone). When a person is frozen, they cannot move, they cannot tag Medusa, and if they have the ball they must drop it.

Medusa may continue to call out different names; however, she may only freeze one person at a time. Once she freezes a new person, the previous person becomes unfrozen.

She may also call out “ball”. When she does this, she is temporarily protected from the ball, and any player holding the ball must drop it. But this unfreezes all players. Once she subsequently calls out a player’s name, the ball protection good away.

Once a player tags Medusa, or hits her with the ball (no headshots please), the round is over, and the new player becomes Medusa for the next round.

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For more exciting games by this designer, free games, contests, blogs, deals, and news, join the flock!
For more exciting games by this designer, free games, contests, blogs, deals, and news, join the flock!