Book III: The Return of the Shepherd

From the Tower, they could see the Great Baa-tle unfolding.  Sa-ram-moo-n sent a great army of orcs against Moo-nas Tirith.  The Lord of Naz-bull used a battering ram to ram through the city gate, and was about to grass-assinate King Fa-ram-ir.

Things were looking bad, when the Army of Ents arrived.  They beat back the orcs and saved King Fa-ram-ir from certain doom.

Nevertheless, they could see the dragons in the distance, including S-moo-g.  With the Baa-tle of Five Kingdoms still raging, Gandalf realized they need a game-changer to win the baaa-tle: the One Game to Rule Them All.

Gandalf, the fellow-sheep, and Lay Baaa-ladriel hopped on their now quite tired ewe-nicorn and rode towards Moo-nt Doom.

They got lost, but discovered Goat-lem following them.  He was once a Baa-bit named S-moo-gle, but had become twisted due to his addiction to the Smart Ring.  Frodo befriended him, telling him they were in search of the One Game, a more powerful artifact could break his addiction to the Smart Ring.  And once they found it, he promised Goat-lem could be the Game Bearer. 

Goat-lem agreed, and led them to a secret entrance to Moo-nt Doom.  However, it was being guarded by a giant fire demon: a Baa-lrog!

Gandalf confronted the Baa-lrog, shouting, “None shall grass!”  But his shepherd staff malfunctioned, causing them both to fall into the abyss of Moo-ria. 

Lady Baaa-ladriel channeled her elf powers, and saw in a vision that the One Game was based on some creature, though her vision was too blurry to make out which.  Some animal that would help them channel their creative energy while directing their thoughts in unison.  But which creature was the One Game based on?

Suddenly, they heard a mysterious song coming towards them from the distance, faint at first, but getting louder and louder.  Could it be…a clue?:

Enter your answer in the Gleam contest, then continue to Book IV.

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