Book II:  The Ewe Towers

“We’ll need a raft to navigate the Raging River,” said Galdalf.

“I know some beavers who can get the job done,” said Frodo.  

“I bet you do,” chuckled Lamb Wise.

Frodo used his Smart Ring to call his cousin Mary, and her little lamb, Pig-pin, who knew the way to the beaver village.  

“That’s a handy Smart Ring you have there,” said Galdalf.  “But be careful, I’ve heard they can be addictive.”

Mary and Pig-pin joined them, and together they journeyed two days to Beaver Village.  The beavers built them a sturdy raft for 50 wood pieces.

The fellow-sheep took the raft down the Raging River, using Gandalf’s shepherd stick to guide them.

Suddenly, the river tripled in speed.  “This must be the work of Sau-ram-moo-n,” yelled Gandalf.  They wonder which way to go, for there was a giant fork coming up. 

Up the rapids ahead, a sheep with a long nose, wrapped in wool cloaks, directed them to go left. 

Gandalf used his shepherd staff to direct the raft towards the left, and they felt momentary relief.  But once the mist cleared, they could see they were headed for a tumultuous waterfall. 

“Dang it, I had a feeling that he was a wolf in sheep’s clothing,” muttered Gandalf. 

They fell at least a hundred feet, shattering the raft on some river rocks.  

Frodo and Lamb got submerged in a vortex, but Gandalf used his magic to walk on water, and used his shepherd staff to help the two baa-bits onto land.

The baa-bits gathered dry wood, while Gandalf lit a magic fire, and they warmed themselves.  They realized they were in the Mines of Moo-ria.

While they were distracted, a giant ta-ram-tula snuck up, wrapped all three in a web, and bit them!  They fell a-sheep quickly.  

When they awoke, the ta-ram-tula slowly descending toward them, hanging by a thread.  It was about to take a big bite out of Galdalf’s head.

Frodo closed his eyes and said, ” I don’t like spiders very much.  I wish I was back in Baaa-gins’ Keep, warm in bed, biting into a delicious grass-burger.”

Suddenly, three figures jumped out of the shadows:

Lego-lambs shot three precise arrows, piercing the web strands holding up Galdalf and the baa-bits.  

Arag-shorn got a running start, did a flying leap into the air, and pluged his sword deep into the ta-ram-tula’s eye.  

But then, Bo-ram-ir stole Frodo’s Smart Ring!  He huddled in the corner of the cave, transfixed by it, refusing to put it down. 

However, they could heard the Riders of Ro-ram pursuing them, from the distance.  They hopped on a nearby ewe-nicorn, and rode off quickly!

Hours later, they met up with Lady Baa-ladriel, who was overseeing an Elvish crystal mining operation.  She escorted them up mine shaft elevator to the Elvish Council Tour.  The view was b-ewe-tiful!  They could even see the Misty Moo-ntains and Baa-bitton from up here.

“We need to decide which ally to recruit for the upcoming great baaa-tle against the armies of Sau-ram-moo-n,” instructed Lady Baa-ladriel.

Which ally should they recruit?  The Cunning Dragon S-moo-g, the Ancient Tree-people (Ents), the Greedy Goblins, or the Eleven Elven Elves?

Lady Baaa-ladriel dealt out Elvish Tarot cards to help them decide:

Enter your answer in the Gleam contest, then continue to Book III.

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