Book IV: The Sil-ram-illion

The mysterious voice they had heard was none other than the legendary Tom Baaa-mbodil!  They fellow-sheep told him what had happened to Gandalf.  He sang a song, and Gandalf resurrected before them as Gandalf the White Shepherd.  

They reach the portal at Moo-nt Doom, but it is was closed for renovation.  Gandalf the Shepherd tried to cast a spell to open it, but his shepherd stick just shot a few sparks out of the top, and producing a bundle of hay instead.

Tom Baaa-mbodil arrived, singing a song – well, more of a combination of baa’s and bleets, since he was transformed into a sheep – and the portal opened to the human realm.

The fellow-sheep entered, the portal.  It opened into the Lamb-azon jungle.  After the clouds parted, what they saw lamb-azed them: SHEEPLE: The One Game to Rule Them All, floating mid-air and glowing!  

“Ewe-rika, we have found it,” shouted Gandalf.  “This will allow us to discover the Origin of the Ewe-niverse and save Sheeple Earth!”

Lady Baaa-ladriel suddenly appears before you, in her radiant, immortal, elvish sheel beauty and wisdom, and makes a plea for your help:

“The power is now in your hands.  We pray you save the sheep realm by purchasing SHEEPLE: the Best Game in the Ewe-niverse.  To help you in your quest, the sheep world is giving you a 20% OFF the gold pieces required to buy this game, coupon code: 20SHEEPGAME. (This is on top of a 50% overstock sale!)”


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