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The One Sheep Contest to Rule Them All has finished.

I had no idea how this contest would go. Would people take time out of their busy schedules to read a sheep-themed LOTR plot and solve riddles? Would anybody be able to get the riddles correct? Well a lot of people did participate, and many were able to solve the riddles and enjoyed it, so I’d say it was a success.

At first, this contest was just a crazy idea. My intern made me a really dope LOTR Sheeple-themed post, and it was so cool I decided to design a whole contest around it. I reused some riddles a friend and I were writing for a high school D&D campaign we never finished, and voila!


$100 Amazon gift card – David Rank

One game of SHEEPLE: The Best Game in the Ewe-niverse – Ritchie Ang, Stephen Tambling, Patrick Browning, Nicolas Abou Haidr

Congratulations to our winners!


For the answers to the riddles, a lot of people got them correct, and a lot of people provided answers that weren’t the intended answer but would technically solve the riddle. I did try to break it down to a multiple-choice question based on how the story was set Since these riddles were pretty difficult, I decided to be more liberal in the scope of the answers I would accept.

Here are the official answers to each riddle, and also the list of answers I gotta that sort of fit anyways:

The Fellow-sheep of the Ring:

Intended answers: river, ocean, or raging river

Accepted answers: a river, a wave, age, compound interest, ocean, ocean waves, raging river, river, the ocean, the raging river, the sea, tire, waves

The Ewe Towers:

Intended answers: a tree, or Ents

Accepted answers: a maple tree/syrup?, a tree, ancient tree-people (ents), army of ents, dragon, ents, frodo, fruit tree, human, sheep, the ents, tree, tree people

The Return of the Shepherd:

Intended answer: sheep

Accepted answers: flock, goat, hobbit, scarecrow, sheep, sheeple, sheepman


Here are the winners:

$100 Gift Certificate – David Rank

SHEEPLE Game – Ritchie Ang, Stephen Tambling, Patrick Browning, Abou Hidar

If you enjoyed the contest, you have one final chance to save Middle Earth and pick up SHEEPLE (available at a great discount due to some elf magic).



Btw, my name is Aaron. I’m a game designer. This is my game. I made it to be a fun game that friends and families could play together, but I wanted it to be a little more as well. I wanted it to celebrate the fun and magic of growing up, learning stuff, getting in trouble, and going on to do something cool in life – but as a sheep. Maybe a subtle reminder to resist conformit and be yourself.

While designing SHEEPLE, something crazy happened: my creativity started to skyrocket. I always have had a creative side, but it started going interstellar like a rocket. I started generating so many ideas, writing and performing rap songs, and generating ideas for games, business ideas, books…and weird contests!

Because playing SHEEPLE involves rapidly brainstorming under pressure, and it is the only category game to do this while allowing an unlimited number of items, each player is developing their creative side without even knowing it. This is a creative attribute known as “Flow.” By brainstorming categories, and brainstorming to test each category, I was unknowningly causing an explosion in my creative brain. And I think think it work for you and your kids as well.

It is my hope that playing SHEEPLE will not only bring joy to your lives, but will turn you (and your kids) into super-creative geniuses!

As in the Lord of the Rings, I’m sure we are all too aware that a great darkness has overtaken the Earth, and we face many dangers. I believe conquering each and every one will take massive doses of creativity. Creativity is fun, but it has a practical side, too.

Well, I hope you enjoyed the contest.

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