SHEEPLE: The Best Game in the Ewe-niverse family party board game

SHEEPLE: The hilarious, fun, party game that makes you “Think Like a Sheep!”


Start as a sheep. The first to become a Sheeple wins! A fun brainstorming, ice-breaking party game, where you score points by thinking alike – like a sheep!

  • Just 30 minutes. Plays 3-10 players. Ages 8 and up – Excellent for all ages!
  • Over 80 hilarious sheep puns.
  • Highly acclaimed: 4.7 / 5 stars on Amazon.
  • Just $25 – Dirt Sheep! Free Shipping. Free Returns.
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Each player is a sheep who is trying to become a “Sheeple” – a sheep that walks upright, wears human clothing, goes to school, and is working toward a career.

Each turn, a player draws a category card. Example categories might be: Useful items in a Zombie Apocalypse, Dangerous Animals, or Super Powers. Each player has a minute to scribble down as many items that fit that category as they can think of.

Each item only scores if other players also put it down. So to Win, you must Think like a Sheep!

Over 80 sheep puns! You could Fall for a Sheep Trick, Win a Nobel Fleece Prize, or Discover the Origin of the Ewe-niverse!

Because SHEEPLE involves rapid thinking under pressure, this game is also a fun way to improve your creative mind by exercising your brain.


Unfiltered Gamer – “I never give this out usually, but it’s like a 10 out of 10, and it’s easily a game I cou

ld play over and over and over again. As far as party games go, as far as family games go, this is a definite pick-up.”
SAHM Reviews – “SHEEPLE pairs a board game with a word game to create one family-friendly, punny game!”

Board Gamers Anonymous – “If you want some slick sheep puns and a new spin on a party game classic, check out SHEEPLE now.

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