SHEEPLE Tour 2020: Coming To A Town Near Ewe!

Hey Sheeple peeps,

SHEEPLE is going on tour!!!  We may be in ewe-r neighborhood very soon. Here are the cities, gaming conventions, and events we will be hitting up.

Here are the rough SHEEPLE tour dates:
* December 18-23: Grants Pass, OR
* December 26 – March 7 – Eugene, OR, plus game stores in various cities around Oregon
* January 18-19: Sumptown Game Summit – Portland, OR
* March 9 – 12: GAMA Trade Show – Reno, NV
* March 14 – 21: Fresno, CA
* March 22 – July 4: Los Angeles, CA
* May 22 – 25: Strategicon GameX – Los Angeles, CA
* June 17 – 21: Origins Game Fair – Columbus, OH

Plus, other cities and events along the way! Book now (contact us) if you’re interested in scheduling a game night, meeting up, or if there’s conventions, events, or game stores ewe think I should hit up!

I’m also hoping everyone has their SHEEPLE games and expansion decks by now!  If not, hit me up, and I’ll get it sorted out.

Guy, I messed up big!  I only ordered 500 SHEEPLE games for the first print run, and it looks like they’re going to sell out sooner than expected!  OOPS.  I want ewe guys to have the first opportunity to get SHEEPLE before it sells out.  Get it NOW, while supplies last!  
SHEEPLE on Amazon!
SHEEPLE on Lamb-azon!!!
After ewe’ve put the kids to bed… try out the SHEEPLE: Devil (NSFW) Deck. This is a fun, adult-themed party game expansion to SHEEPLE (also playable stand-alone). On sale for a limited time! (WARNING: Not for children, decent people, or those who are easily offended!)
SHEEPLE Devil (NSFW) Deck Expansion on Amazon!!!
SHEEPLE Devil (NSFW) Deck Expansion on Lamb-azon!!!

The contest is running a little late, due to a busy holiday season!  It will happen eventually, but I’m still figuring out the details. The next time ewe play SHEEPLE, snap some photos, cause they may earn you some prizes down the road!  

Remember, BUY SHEEPLE now, get SHEEPLE in time for the holidays!  What are ewe waiting for?

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